About Us

We design low-cost nonstructural physical modifications to existing emergency homeless shelter interiors. We take care to ensure that these can be easily fabricated with readily available materials and installed with minimal effort. We focus our attention on four main areas of existing emergency shelters:

  1. The entrance where people queue
  2. The waiting areas and common spaces
  3. The restrooms
  4. The sleeping areas

Our project is grounded in environmental psychology. The behavior, mental wellbeing, and physical health of emergency shelter operators, staff, and guests are inevitably impacted by the design of these spaces. We believe that by making small but significant changes to existing shelter spaces, we can positively impact the wellbeing of individuals sleeping in homeless shelters, at very little cost. Through advocacy efforts, we work to promote these physical changes to the design of shelters in the hope that they will serve as a model for a new set of design standards implemented across multiple shelters.